I am the Penguin

What if? 

Just what if you could see everything all at once?

 Imagine the colossal amount of things that would fill your mind.

 Like the clattering sounds of steps in the night. Or happy laughter in the dark! Yes, Bruh. I am the Penguin.
Like a wizard beside a crystal ball, wearing a luxurious dark blue robe, decorated with stars and moons beside shooting comets. Smoking a long church warden pipe while stroking his beard. Staring deep into the burning embers of the fire from early morn. Fed long into the night as the wood would burn, crackle, and hiss. I would put on my hood and creep long into the darkness. Seeking and seeping light wherever I lay my head. The days are short but the thoughts are long. Like a train headed for the Rio Grande. Just another day at the office, said the conductor.
The insanity compels and dwells deep within my soul. Coming out like a shattered lamp releasing the magic within. Escaped to the land of lost souls and broken toys.
I dwell deep within my own head. Just repeating the stories to keep them alive. Because without story tellers, there would be no stories. It's the little things that keep me up late into the nights. So I ponder the inns and outs of the universe.
Maybe it's just me, and I lost my marbles long ago. Or maybe I'm right and the world we live in, is just a stepping stone. That everyone sharing my very own thoughts written here, makes me wonder who thinks the way I do?
Maybe we all are so unique that it's hard to tell who is who. Not in the physical realm of course. But maybe it's a more magical place. Maybe we can change dimensions! What if all the rules could change and rearrange! The possibilities are endless with imagination and ingenuity. What if the history that they tell us about, is what someone else wants us to believe. To create a record, someone has to be the scribe! Who shall write of today's events? Anyone! Any person who is literate could create a record, be it real or filled with lies.
I'm not denying archeologists and the dates on their finds. Or historians that repeat amazing tales of brilliant scientists and epic battles. It's more of the idea that if we have some people who are so smart that do things I couldn't imagine. Whose to say that a civilization long before us, was technologically advanced. And left earth long ago. Taking all evidence of their presence.
If we can send people into space! What if somebody generations ago didn't do the same thing! Anything we can do today, could be done before we were here. Ancient civilizations may have had a few secrets nobody knows about! What if we got help from an alien race or something like that?  "I'm crazy!" say most people.
Yes, Bruh. I am the penguin.


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