True Ghost Story?

True Ghost Story

I used to work late. Getting off my shift at 11pm, I would hit the highway and get home around 11:30pm. It was an old home that was turned into apartments.
Opening the front door, I'd peer down the dim lit, very long hall. In the middle are two doors, across from each other. I was living on the left, and she lived on the right.
She was a tough lady straight out of NY, who lived alone across the hall. Nobody would dare mess with her. She was smart, quick witted, and a friendly neighbor.
Her long time boyfriend kept his apartment and they never moved in together. But dated for 12 years! They would go antiquing and penny hunting, collecting any change he would find.
Her cabinet was filled with glass jars full of pennies. He collected all of it and he told her, for a rainy day. Now after meeting him, the day I moved into the apartment, I never saw him after that.
A week or so later, coming home late again, I entered the long dark hallway again. There was someone standing outside my neighbors door.
His figure appeared to have his head against her door, like a heartbroken teenager.
Then something strange had occurred. His image had faded as I got closer, and eventually was gone. I was putting my key in the door, looking all around. The figure had vanished into thin air.
I had this strange phenomenon occur 4 nights in a row. Thursday morning I bump into my neighbor. I say, "Hello, how are you?"
"She says, "could be better."
"Hey, I know you been here like 15 years you said, have you seen any ghosts? Or is this place haunted?"
She looks like she's going to burst into tears. "That's not funny!!!" "He just died!!!"

I stood there dumbfounded.
"What happened, who died???"
(I honestly had no clue.)
"He was on his way to see me, there was an accident, and now he's gone." Wiping the tears from her face, and looks at me like I'm the rudest person in the world.
I apologized, and explained what I had saw. We both share a bizarre awkward silence.
"I saw him, and he's in the hallway. Waiting for you, watching for you, or something!!!"
She smiles at me, and said that he's the nicest guy she ever met. Tells me he's harmless, and not to worry about it.
That night I came home like usual. But instead of an empty hallway, I see her. She meets me in the hall, and tells me. She got to say goodbye.
Because I told her, they got to say, "Goodbye." I never saw the ghost in the hall again. Not my first Ghost, or my last. But it's true.


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